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Our traditional and alternative investment services cover listed equity and fixed income investments in a wide range of global, regional and country specific strategies.

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We deliver accessible ways of investing that could help you make your money work harder. We provide a simple way to invest, with low cost and uncomplicated.


Of course, all investments carry risk – but not all risk is equal. By accepting a carefully-considered amount of risk, you can provide your money with better potential for growth. 


Investment opportunities open to all. From first-timer to experienced investor, wherever you are in your investment journey we could help you take that next step.

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Tr3nate delivers proven investment solutions with carefully managed risk factors to ensure sustainable long-term yield. Our platform is accessible to millions of investors worldwide, providing life-changing opportunities across the world.

At Tr3nate, we pride ourselves on balancing the feel of a small firm with the scale of a large global organization. Our entrepreneurial culture and flat management structure foster an environment in which good ideas can take flight, no matter where they come from.

Tr3nate was built on the premise that a multicultural firm can serve a global clientele best. Our professionals around the world infuse the local flavor of their regions into our global network. We are a united collection of individuals who respect each other’s differences, and we value our rich diversity. We believe diversity of thought and open debate encourage creative and innovative solutions for our clients.

Our Investment Strategies

Tr3nate offers products across a broad spectrum of asset classes, designed for different client types. 

Our traditional and alternative investment services cover listed equity and fixed income investments in a wide range of global, regional and country specific strategies.



Our Alternatives investment professionals manage assets for clients in North America and other parts of the world.


Convertible Bonds

At Tr3nate we are proud to be one of the largest managers of convertible bonds.



Our equity solutions are grouped into two broad areas, each comprising multiple specialist strategies: High-conviction strategies & factor-based strategies


Fixed Income

Fixed income investing is a key area of expertise for Tr3nate Investment Managers, accounting for more than a third of our assets under management.



Our Multi-Asset team manages the award-winning All Roads strategy, as well as bespoke outcome-based solutions and benchmark-oriented mandates.


Tracker+ ESG

Mitigate risks through our sustainable index tracking strategy using our in-house ESG management tools.

Thriving in a Diverse New World

Diversity of markets, customers, ideas, and talent is driving the need for inclusion as a new leadership capability. Here are six attributes of leaders who display the ability to not only embrace individual differences, but to potentially leverage them for competitive advantage.

Investment Ideology

On-the-ground, global fundamental research is the foundation of our investment approach. Located in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, our investment professionals collaborate on detailed fundamental analysis integrating knowledge across regions, sectors, and asset classes to arrive at unique insights.

We empower our investment teams to make independent investment decisions, and we support them with global research capabilities and a strong operations infrastructure. This model allows our teams to focus on what we do best: invest your capital.

Redefining investment and capital formulation

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